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Alexander Zernovoj

Ed.D., Teaching & Learning
M.A., Deaf Studies
M.A., Teaching & Learning: Bilingual Education (ASL-English)
B.S., Computer Science & Engineering

Note: This is an ASL video translation of this page. 

2014 Personal Statement (2 pages)

Resume (2 pages)Curriculum Vitae (7 pages)
Alex Zernovoj, Ed.D., is a DHH Itinerant Teacher & District ASL Specialist in the San Diego Unified School District. Dr. Zernovoj previously worked as the ASL/Bilingual Curriculum Specialist at California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSDR). He was responsible for uniting current research into classroom practice and curriculum design especially in development of ASL assessment, corpus, curricula and bilingual strategies. In addition, he planned, designed and implemented his school's standards-based K-12 ASL curricula and assessment effort. He always is on constant lookout for new effective and innovative ways of producing as well as interpreting ASL/bilingual literature videotexts. He began his career as an ASL/English bilingual classroom teacher/researcher, primarily teaching English and ASL language arts to middle and high school students at the Clerc Center's demonstration schools. 

Dr. Zernovoj received his Doctorate of Education degree in Teaching & Learning at UC San Diego. His research areas of specialization include ASL assessment, ASL pedagogy, ASL corpus and curricula, deaf bilingual education, deaf education, program and curricula evaluation, multilingual/multicultural education, and education leadership. Prior to his doctoral studies, he received his two M.A. degrees in Teaching & Learning: Bilingual Education (ASL-English) and Deaf Studies from the University of California at San Diego (UC San Diego) in 2005 and Gallaudet University in 2007, respectively.

In addition to teaching ASL and Deaf Studies courses at numerous universities and K-12 teaching and administrative experience, Dr. Zernovoj has done extensive scholarly activity, which has led to numerous publications and presentations on a range of topics in ASL, Deaf Studies, Deaf Education, Bilingual Education, Education Policy, and teaching and learning methodologies for deaf students' language and literacy acquisition. One of his recent work include a 2009 published book entitled "No Deaf Child Left Behind: An Analytic History of Trends and Discourse in the Development of a Standards-Based Deaf Studies Curriculum."

In addition to 20+ years of past and present academic employment in the fields of Deaf Education and Deaf Studies, Dr. Zernovoj is a lifelong advocate of the rights of the deaf people. He is actively involved in numerous local, national and international deaf community and professional organizations providing his leadership in working with a diverse group of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people from all over the world. (Note: See this link for examples)

Dr. Zernovoj was born and raised in San Francisco, California. He is a lifelong avid SF Giants baseball fan, and also follows the 49ers football team. He enjoys camping, disc golfing, practicing martial arts (Kenpo Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), running, traveling as well as working out, participating in race marathons/sports, reading and watching classic movies. He presently lives in San Diego, CA with his beautiful wife Amy, two kids and two dogs.

To learn more about Dr. Alex Zernovoj, click on links to his 2014 Personal Statement (2-page), Resume (2-page edited version) and Curriculum Vitae (7-page full version) at the top of this page.